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Countdown to Total Eclipse

Carbondale, Illionois
Apr 8, 2024 13:59:16 CDT

Event (ΔT=69.1s)DateTime (CDT)AltitudeAzimuthPositionVelocity
Start of partial eclipse (C1) : 2024/04/08 12:43:03.9+59.7° 172.5° 229° 04.1
Start of total eclipse (C2) : 2024/04/08 13:59:19.8 +56.9° 208.5° 050° 11.1 -0.6s
Maximum eclipse (MAX) : 2024/04/08 14:01:24.2+56.7° 209.4° 320° 02.0
End of total eclipse (C3) : 2024/04/08 14:03:28.3 +56.5° 210.2° 230° 05.1 -0.2s
End of partial eclipse (C4) : 2024/04/08 15:18:13.9 +46.3° 235.4° 051° 11.7

Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024


The eclipse will be visible across North America, with a path of totality passing through several U.S. states and parts of Mexico and Canada.


The total duration of the eclipse at maximum will be around 4 minutes and 9 seconds. The totality will be longer or shorter depending on your exact location.

Location Specifics

Based on the coordinates provided (Latitude: 37° 42' 12.70" N, Longitude: 89° 12' 19.42" W), the eclipse will be viewable in places like Carbondale, Illinois, which lies very close to these coordinates.

Umbral Depth and Path Width

The umbral depth will be 99.08% (92.0 km) with an umbral depth of 849 m (2786 ft). The path width will be 185.6 km (115.3 mi), meaning this is the maximum width of the path of totality.


Obscuration refers to the fraction of the sun’s area covered by the moon. For this eclipse, it's listed as 100%, which means the sun will be entirely covered by the moon at the peak of the eclipse.

Magnitude at Maximum

The magnitude at maximum is listed as 1.02699. Magnitude refers to the fraction of the sun’s diameter covered by the moon. A value over 1 means a total eclipse.

Moon/Sun Size Ratio

This ratio is listed as 1.05448, indicating that the apparent size of the moon is slightly larger than the sun, enabling a total eclipse.

Umbral Velocity

The umbral velocity is given as 0.839 km/s (or 1876 mph). This is the speed at which the shadow of the moon (the umbra) will be moving across the Earth's surface.

Safety Note

To view the eclipse safely, always use certified solar viewing glasses. Regular sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for viewing a solar eclipse.

Taking Advantage of History!

Throughout history, several smart individuals have used their knowledge of eclipses to their advantage. Here are a few examples:

Columbus and the Lunar Eclipse of 1504: During his fourth voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus found himself stranded in Jamaica. After several months, his welcome was wearing thin with the local inhabitants, and he needed a way to regain their favor. He knew from the almanac that a lunar eclipse was due to occur on February 29, 1504. He told the local people that his god was angry with their treatment of him and would show his displeasure by making the rising full moon appear "inflamed with wrath," which did indeed happen. The locals were terrified and begged Columbus to intercede. When the moon started to reappear, Columbus told the locals that his god had pardoned them and that's why the moon was returning. This stunt bought Columbus enough goodwill that he was able to stay in Jamaica for another year before rescue arrived.

Battle of the Eclipse (585 BC): This is perhaps the earliest historical event that the date is known with such precision. The battle was fought between the Medes and the Lydians in the early 6th century BC. The battle ended abruptly due to a total solar eclipse, which was perceived as an omen indicating that the gods wanted the battle to end. Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher, is traditionally thought to have predicted this eclipse, and his prediction could have been used to encourage a ceasefire.

The Eddington Expedition (1919): While this is not an example of personal advantage, it's an excellent demonstration of using an eclipse to benefit scientific understanding. In 1919, British astronomer Arthur Eddington used a total solar eclipse to test Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. By taking photographs of stars near the Sun during totality, Eddington was able to show that light from the stars was deflected as it passed the Sun. This backed up Einstein's theory, which predicted that the gravity of a massive body would bend light passing near it.

Each of these cases exemplifies how knowledge and prediction of an eclipse could be leveraged to bring about significant outcomes, ranging from personal survival to diplomatic resolution and scientific discovery.

The Siege of Syracuse (213-211 BC): The Roman general Marcellus laid siege to the city of Syracuse during the Second Punic War. Archimedes, the famous mathematician and engineer who lived in Syracuse, is said to have used a variety of ingenious machines to thwart the Roman efforts, but the city was eventually taken. According to the historian Livy, a lunar eclipse frightened the Roman soldiers during the final assault, but their commander used it as an opportunity to encourage them, saying it signified new beginnings.

Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa (1806): In the early 19th century, the Shawnee leaders Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa used a solar eclipse to their advantage. Tenskwatawa, also known as the Prophet, predicted a solar eclipse would occur on June 16, 1806. When the prediction came true, it greatly increased the brothers' prestige and helped them to rally tribes to their confederation.

Solar Eclipse of 1914 and World War I: When a total solar eclipse happened on August 21, 1914, just after the outbreak of World War I, British and German troops were fighting in the Battle of Frontiers. It was said to have had a significant impact on the troops who witnessed it from the battlefield, affecting morale and causing some to believe it was a bad omen. However, the extent of its effect on the course of the war is less clear.

Remember that these instances are based on historical records and interpretations. Eclipses were often seen as omens or signs from the gods in ancient times, and thus had the power to instill fear or awe and affect decisions and events. Today, we understand them as natural phenomena predictable with the laws of physics.

There aren't many more historical instances of people using their knowledge of an upcoming eclipse for personal advantage, as the understanding of the mechanics of eclipses was fairly limited until relatively recent times. However, here are a few more examples of significant impacts of eclipses in history:

Solar Eclipse of 763 BC and Assyrian Chronicle: This eclipse is important not for how it was used, but for the historical record it provides. A record of a solar eclipse in the Assyrian Eponym Canon, a list of annual Assyrian officials, provides a fixed point that can be used to synchronize the timeline of the ancient Near East. The record of the eclipse has helped historians date events in the region.

Halley's Eclipse of 1715: This isn't an example of someone using knowledge of an eclipse to their advantage, but rather it represents a scientific achievement. Edmond Halley, the famous British astronomer, successfully predicted the timing and path of the total solar eclipse of May 3, 1715, over London, an impressive feat at the time. Halley's accurate prediction and his detailed account of the event helped to increase public interest in astronomy and boosted the prestige of scientific research.

Eclipse Expeditions and International Cooperation: While not an example of personal advantage, it's worth noting that scientific expeditions to observe eclipses have often involved international cooperation, even during times of tension. For example, during the Cold War, scientists from the United States and the Soviet Union worked together on eclipse observations. These expeditions are examples of how the shared interest in astronomy can foster international collaboration and goodwill.

These examples underscore the historical and scientific significance of solar and lunar eclipses. Even though we now understand their mechanics and can predict them with precision, they continue to fascinate us, and observing them can still provide valuable scientific data.

WTF! No More Eclipses?

The Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth at an average rate of about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year. This is due to the conservation of angular momentum, and the process that's driving this is called tidal acceleration. As the Moon moves farther from the Earth, its apparent size in our sky slightly decreases.

In the future, this means that the Moon will be too far away to fully cover the Sun, even when it's at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit (at perigee). When this happens, we will no longer experience total solar eclipses, only annular eclipses, where the Moon covers the center of the Sun, but a ring of sunlight is visible around the Moon's disk.

However, you don't need to worry about missing total solar eclipses anytime soon. Based on the current rate of the Moon's recession, scientists estimate that total solar eclipses will continue to occur for at least another 600 million to 1.4 billion years.

Special Thanks to Xavier Jubier

Mr. Jubier is the inventor of the Eclipse Overlay on Google Maps that is featured at NASA and was used by 2024TotalEclipse.com to find our Platforms of Totality.

Visit this site and if you can donate to Mr. Jubier so he can continue to invent.

The Interactive Eclipse Map

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2024 Total Eclipse on April 8th

City/StateTotality Time
Zaragoza, Mexico 267 seconds
Concordia, Mexico 267 seconds
El Pozole, Mexico 267 seconds
Jose Marie Patoni, Mexico 267 seconds
Nazas, Mexico 267 seconds
San Lucas de Ocampo, Mexico 267 seconds
Bermejillo, Mexico 267 seconds
Corral de Barrancas, Mexico 266 seconds
Villa Union, Mexico 266 seconds
San Juan del Rio Municipality, Mexico 266 seconds
Palau, Mexico 266 seconds
Charcos de Risa, Mexico 266 seconds
Vanderpool, Texas 266 seconds
Ingram, Texas 265 seconds
Borbollones, Mexico 265 seconds
Rancho El Espejo, Mexico 265 seconds
Concan, Texas 265 seconds
Kerrvile, Texas 264 seconds
Piedras Negras, Mexico 264 seconds
Guadalupe Aguilera, Mexico 264 seconds
Gatesville, Texas 264 seconds
Lampasas, Texas 264 seconds
Fredericksburg, Texas 263 seconds
El Salto, Mexico 263 seconds
Hillsboro, Texas 262 seconds
Copperas Cove, Texas 262 seconds
llano, Texas 262 seconds
Rodeo, Mexico 261 seconds
Sulphur Springs, Texas 260 seconds
Clarksville, Texas 260 seconds
Idabel, Arkansas 258 seconds
De Queen, Arkansas 257 seconds
Mazatlan, Mexico 257 seconds
Ola, Arkansas 256 seconds
Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas 256 seconds
Broken Bow, Arkansas 256 seconds
Lerdo, Mexico 256 seconds
Killen, Texas 255 seconds
Cuatrocienegas Municipality, Mexico 255 seconds
Clinton, Arkansas 255 seconds
Mountain View, Arkansas 254 seconds
Rancho San Fernando, Mexico 254 seconds
El Hundido, Mexico 254 seconds
Dardanelle, Arkansas 253 seconds
Hardy, Arkansas 252 seconds
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 252 seconds
Sabinas, Mexico 251 seconds
Doniphan, Arkansas 251 seconds
Russellville, Arkansas 251 seconds
Horeshoe Bend, Arkansas 249 seconds
Carbondale, Illinois 248 seconds
Torreon, Mexico 248 seconds
Poplar Bluff, Missouri 248 seconds
Marion, Illinois 246 seconds
Vincennes, Indiana 245 seconds
Benton, Illinois 245 seconds
Cape Giradeau, Missouri 245 seconds
Minas de Barroteran, Mexico 244 seconds
Mt. Carmel, Indiana 243 seconds
Fairfield, Illinois 243 seconds
Pocahontas, Arkansas 243 seconds
Linton, Indiana 242 seconds
Bloomington, Indiana 242 seconds
Bateville, Arkansas 241 seconds
Herber Springs, Arkansas 241 seconds
Carmi, Indiana 240 seconds
New Castle, Indiana 239 seconds
Greenwood, Indiana 239 seconds
Shelbyville, Indiana 238 seconds
Greenville, Indiana 235 seconds
Princeton, Indiana 234 seconds
Norwalk, Indiana 234 seconds
Corning, Arkansas 233 seconds
Shawnee National Forest, Illinois 232 seconds
Tiffin, Indiana 232 seconds
Sidney, Indiana 232 seconds
Sullivan, Indiana 231 seconds
Elyria, Indiana 231 seconds
Lima, Indiana 231 seconds
Celina, Ohio 230 seconds
Olney, Indiana 230 seconds
Indianapolis, Indiana 229 seconds
Richmond, Indiana 228 seconds
Mentor, Ohio 228 seconds
Cleveland, Ohio 228 seconds
Durango, Mexico 228 seconds
Muncie, Indiana 227 seconds
Buffalo, New York 225 seconds
Findlay, Indiana 225 seconds
Ashtabula, Ohio 225 seconds
Parma, Ohio 224 seconds
Portland, Ohio 224 seconds
Mt. Vernon, Illinois 224 seconds
Brockport, New York 223 seconds
Connersville, Indiana 223 seconds
Conneaut, Ohio 223 seconds
Erie, Ohio 223 seconds
Fredonia, Ohio 219 seconds
Fort Drum, New York 218 seconds
Watertown, New York 218 seconds
Rochester, New York 218 seconds
Carthage, New York 217 seconds
La Ferreria, Mexico 214 seconds
Plattsburgh, Vermont 212 seconds
Greesburg, Indiana 211 seconds
Henrietta, New York 211 seconds
Jay, Vermont 210 seconds
Sutton, Canada 210 seconds
Coaticook, Canada 209 seconds
Magog, Canada 209 seconds
Tupper Lake, New York 209 seconds
Oswego, New York 209 seconds
Piopolis, Canada 208 seconds
Parc National du Mon-Megantic, Canada 208 seconds
La Patrie, Canada 208 seconds
Holeb, Canada 207 seconds
Sherbrooke, Canada 207 seconds
Saranac, New York 207 seconds
Skinner, Canada 207 seconds
Lac-Megantic, Canada 207 seconds
Keough, Canada 207 seconds
Jackman, Maine 206 seconds
Moose River, Canada 206 seconds
Wilmington, Vermont 206 seconds
Dennistown, Canada 206 seconds
Ogontz, Maine 205 seconds
Pulaski, New York 205 seconds
Long Pond, Canada 205 seconds
Baxter State Park, Maine 203 seconds
New City, Maine 203 seconds
Old City, Maine 203 seconds
Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area, Canada 202 seconds
Mt. Katahdin, Canada 202 seconds
Mt. Chase, Maine 202 seconds
Hartland, New Brunswick 200 seconds
Lake Placid, New York 200 seconds
Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick 198 seconds
Island Falls, Maine 198 seconds
Blackville, New Brunswick 197 seconds
Houlton, Maine 197 seconds
Doaktown, New Brunswick 196 seconds
Rogersville, New Brunswick 195 seconds
Pittsburg, Vermont 195 seconds
Boiestown, New Brunswick 195 seconds
Woodstock, New Brunswick 195 seconds
Linneus, Maine 194 seconds
Burlington, Vermont 194 seconds
Saint-Louis de Kent, New Brunswick 193 seconds
Tignish, New Brunswick 191 seconds
Sunny Corner, New Brunswick 191 seconds
Napan, New Brunswick 191 seconds
Miramichi, New Brunswick 189 seconds
Old-Harry, New Brunswick 189 seconds
Havre-aux-Mainsons, New Brunswick 189 seconds
Fatima Cap-aux-Meules, New Brunswick 188 seconds
Cap-aux-Meules, St. Pierre and Miquelon 188 seconds
Saint Louis, New Brunswick 187 seconds
Codroy, St. Pierre and Miquelon 185 seconds
Searston, St. Pierre and Miquelon 184 seconds
Upper Ferry, St. Pierre and Miquelon 184 seconds
Rexton, New Brunswick 182 seconds
Alberton, New Brunswick 181 seconds
Burnt Church, New Brunswick 180 seconds
Havre-Aubert, New Brunswick 179 seconds
Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve, St. Pierre and Miquelon 177 seconds
West Cape, New Brunswick 175 seconds
Saint Anthony oleary, New Brunswick 174 seconds
Neguac, New Brunswick 173 seconds
Bonavista, St. Pierre and Miquelon 173 seconds
Glovertown, St. Pierre and Miquelon 172 seconds
Brae, New Brunswick 165 seconds
Channel-Port aux Basques, St. Pierre and Miquelon 164 seconds
Freeland, New Brunswick 162 seconds
Rose Blanche-Harbour le Cou, St. Pierre and Miquelon 159 seconds
Grand Bruit, St. Pierre and Miquelon 157 seconds
Clarenville, St. Pierre and Miquelon 150 seconds
Tyne Valley, New Brunswick 139 seconds
Burego, St. Pierre and Miquelon 132 seconds
McKays, St. Pierre and Miquelon 123 seconds

NEWS FROM SpaceDaily.com

3 Billion Times and Man Just Guesses

August 23, 2017, St. Louis, Missouri (SPX) - 3 billion times and man still does not have a clue. The weathermen were astonished the clouds dissipated during the loss of temperature of the eclipse. NASA is all google eyes about the data sets that they will process. I will continue to study images and look for shadow bands and the shadow race.

Thanks to Tom, Steve and the great teams of Schlafly Beer and Dew Drop Inn. Special planning and care was given to make this event spectacular. The outdoor bar games were a smash hit, especially man-sized Jenga and the loud crashes of defeat.

The 2 minutes and 40 seconds of totality were only briefly interrupted by clouds during last 30 seconds. A loud yelp and screams of the crowd pleased all.

The DJI Mavic Pro footage captured the eclipse shadow as it approaches from the west. At 400 feet the steady camera did not blink as day became night. The truck stop lit up first which was just magical, then you can see trucks and cars and the highway pull over.

At totality the drone dutifully pointed east and stood at attention while its operate screamed "oh bloody hell!" as I looked up to see the corona blasting out the moon blocked sun.

The partial eclipse started at 11:50 am and each pac-man design effort marched on. The Cannon Rebel T6 and the 400mm lens were operated by Tomoko and Marie Bartz on a tripod with a cover shade.

Many got to take a look and we were so happy to share.

Also on site were space scientists and some with a Mead telescope for really clear and close views.

It really is quite stunning to see sunspots with amateur gear. Then, Marie pulled off a picture of the corona and two very special shots of the totally eclipsed sun. Great job!

Getting to the eclipse was a great journey! We left Los Angeles Union Station by Amtrak on Friday evening and landed in St. Louis on Sunday afternoon. Staying at the Union Station hotel was just this huge added bonus.

The Amtrak trek was awesome for bringing the romance of train travel to my family. The crew were new and young with some old codgers roaming the halls. New Mexico has just an amazing power with its scenic beauty and down-trodden abandoned farms.

The Union Station hotel is a designated national monument and was completely restored by the Oppenheimer Group with exact attention to detail. My hats off to your team.

The Union Station Hotel was packed with eclipse hunters. T-shirts with funny sayings about bending over and seeing where the sun don't shine. Stuff like that. The vibe was a Dead concert with actual mushroom hunters on site!

The Schlafly Eclipse Beer Bus was spot on and we indeed started drinking beer and eating moon pies at 7 in the morning. Just a bit to be in the spirit.

The Enterprise Rent-a-car called me three times to verify that I was going to show up. This location closed at 3pm so I assured them I would be there. "60 mores folks renting cars today, much more that usual," said the counter staff.

A note to Enterprise management. Guys, get it together. Your team on the ground were great. Luckily the clients were eclipse chasers, a species known to have a gaping open mouth of awe when looking up. The next eclipse is April 4, 2024. So, Enterprise Rent-A-Car "executives" look up from your MBA manuals and get to know your customers again.

"We came to help," said the Enterprise super managers the next day, according to staff at the site. They stayed 10 minutes and left. Check. See boss, I was there. Pathetic.

Again, the St. Louis Enterprise team on Washington Street were great.

Traffic, weather, oh my. The eclipse mania had gripped the nation and the geeks were at the wheel. All of the planning to pick this location led to anxiety as patterns kept appearing to make this a questionable location choice. Fretting, sweating and thinking of new plans all continued to happen right up until we boarded the beer bus.

The weather people were no help. They were just dumbstruck that people turned on the news just to see them. Over 3 billion eclipses have happened over our 4.5 billion years, once every 18 months or so.

Still, as Sargent Schultz used to say on Hogan's Heros, "I known nothing..."

The traffic predictors probably paid off the weatherman to give cloud and rain forecasts to scare people away. And boy did it! At one winery south west of St. Louis 50 folks canceled their reservations or just did not show up.

After watching the Oregon traffic jams it translated into worry about our plan. Oh the stress!

But, like Sonovero sings in Clouds, "even the darkest clouds drift away"

And they did! Bloomsdale, Missouri and the Dew Drop Inn got spectacular sunshine and just enough puffy clouds to worry the crowd to keep drinking Schlafly Eclipse Lager Beer.


The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 happened at 11:50am and a few seconds at Bloomsdale, Missouri, the home to the Dew Drop Inn of 1926. Totality took its time to creep across the sun and block out nature at 1:18pm with the unbridled screams of all girls on hand! (oh the guys too.)

Marie Bartz first learned of this eclipse at UC Berkely from her physics professor, who actually sold her solar viewing glass. A treasure she paid 10 bucks for that she was thrilled to bring to her eyes and watch shade.

The light from the sun is blocked over 100,000 times by proper solar eclipse viewing glasses. Even the last 1 percent of the sun rays are blinding. The reachers of the Diamond Ring of the Eclipse are the edge of safety. Your eyes have no pain receptors so your deer in the headlights reaction can cause permanent damage.

We had camera gear and geeks ready. Here is a summary:

1. DJI Mavic Pro drone with 4K video camera and 400ft height limit 2. DJI Osmo a handheld "drone" with full gyroscope and 4K video and 12mb pics 3. Cannon TS6 Rebel with 400mm telephoto lens on tripod, except at totality 4. Cannon TS5 Rebel with 50mm standard lens (most up face shots) 5. iPhone this that and the other 6. Sony Digital Video Camera (with projector)

The drone got magical video that keeps surprising me. Look for it on youtube. 5 minutes before Totality I piloted the Mavic Pro to 400ft and pointed her west. She stayed faithfully and captured the shade come fast, the truck stop and street lights turn on. Truckers pulled over and you can see fireworks in the distance! Yes! fireworks.

At mid Totality I turned Mavic East and she did her job again with more incredible footage of the racing eclipse shadow, Tricky light cast weird shadows and unexpected lines. Half speed Slow motion is close to allowing me to set distance markers and clock her speed. I'll have to slow it down more to get exact as I can.

DJI Osmo and its Rode microphone did the best job of catching the crowd yelling and hollering. Just awesome to combine the Mavic Drone and Osmo video to see a forever sunset, fireworks and happy beer drinking fellow eclipse chasers let out the stress of all their planning.

The Cannon TS6 with telephoto worked hard under Tomoko and Marie's direction. A night-curtain was placed over the camera body and operator to allow best focus and viewing. Many beer drinkers dropped and spilled liquid gold to take their turn looking. Each image was color corrected and sized to give a reasonable presentation of pac-man, the marriage, the cloudy takeover and rose skies being painted blue.

The Cannon TS5 was the funniest to wield. Every face smiled when shielded by solar eclipse glasses and the gaze to the heavens. The complete blackout of the glasses was a sensory experience every time. I kept mine for April 4, 2024 but I hope to use them in Argentina in 2018.

The Sony Digital Video Camera has an automatic picture taking feature for every time someone smiles The Union Station Hotel, St. Louis surprised with the Beatles blasted to the art deco roof. Recently refurbished to perfection by the Oppenheimer funds. Wow, my congratulations that the artists who brought art back to life.

The iPhones took so many selfies on eclipse day that they made a new filter to forever frame your face to the stars.

Thank you to Schlafly Brewery and the Beer Bus to Totality. And even more thanks to fellow partying eclipsers. The last three things we saw in St. Louis, Missouri was the Art Deco magnificence of the Union Station Hotel, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car (which was backup in case we could not get two more Beer Bus to Totality tickets. Luck had it that our smiles and being early helped and we got tickets.

On the walk back to meet the family I stopped by Schlafly Brewery and with a nostalgic note took this picture. I can say it is the first time in 51 years that a place and people captured me as much as the Beer Bus to Totality team.

A blur happened before, during and after the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The train clickity-clack for three days gave way to grandeur of the Union Station Hotel. The Beer Bus to Totality started with beer, remained strong with beer and concluded with beer. Oh man, I was in beer heaven. Cause I hear they aint got any there so I drink it here...

From first light in our post eclipse next day we woke before the sun and boarded the Amtrak heading to Chicago. The sun shone again so our path was filled with green and gold corn fields. Noticed most was some planned communities that were identical twenty miles apart. Even the curve of the street leading to the kings cul-de-sac was the same. Hollywood would have a field day filming and blowing up the city. Just to miss their shot so pack up and drive 15 minutes and do it again.

The St. Louis Arch did not disappoint either. With a view from our first arrival at Union Station our crew demanded an audience to selfie nation. We got pics of the Arch coming into St. Louis and the Beer Bus to Totality. Yes! The clear plastic will hold your weight!

On top of the historic Sears Tower at the 104th floor above a very sunny Chicago the day after eclipse. We could see four states and probably a few more if we pull out our binoculars. (wife corrects me...its the Willis Tower, but I still dream of my Christmas catalogue from Sears and it's my story, so Sears Tower was climbed this day.)

Watching the kids (mom and dad) gingerly get on the glass overhang and look down the picture tells it all. The look of concern was matched by the squeak of the voices. One by one couples would prince in front of selfie heaven. Time was slow in line, but when you saw the smiles you did not want them to hurry.

Every human face lightens up on this trip. Across America the smiles were infectious.

The first sequence of Chicago in the previous pages show the playful, childish side of street interactions. We died laughing at the pizza boy cat-calling local hotties. But, it is not this Chicago what we all fell in love with.

The city planners of old and new are brilliant in this city. Every block downtown has inspiration of great warriors and stoic statutes built into building facades. The impressive museum with no exhibits was breathtaking.

The impressive museum with no exhibits took time to realize that itself was the art. The sigh of relief was notices in each patron studying the art reliefs. A play on words only to suppress my overwhelming love of this structure of Escher like stairways that evoke time, costume parties and lovers.

I guess our travels back in time started at Union Station in Los Angeles as we started on the Amtrak Southwest Chief. Union Station with closed eyes can still evoke military boys shipping off to war and newlyweds, like my folks, who came to Los Angeles by train long, long ago.

The Bean really is our tour guide on this trip. After hitting the "ocean" of Lake Ontario and the giant fountain, the parking lot elevator opened to the Bean. Shining, beckoning and appealing the kid in everyone. We were hooked.

The best Pizza in Chicago was in site of the Bean and reflections on the towers revealed even more. Sparky was fired up to say the least. From the tunnel of reflecting love we strode the wide, historic boulevards.

The street art caught us by surprise at almost every corner and then two giant vertical slabs spilled water on those playing below. Grey, dark, grooved as you approach, then laughter echoes from every direction. A giant face of laughter is projected from the city waterfalls that then pucker up and spit a 10 inch stream of water on eager kids below. Chicago. You win.

Art Deco is alive and well and celebrated in Chicago. My youth of collecting was quashed by with these city planners have achieved. Sure, modern glass is there. Tallest building in the world holds on to this old title with a new push up bra.

The City of Chicago Fire Department just south of Sears Tower were having a bake sale. The bar was having happy hour and the train made its turn again and again. The faces of workers done with their day were exuberant. The tourist in us drank tequila and just kept taking pictures.

The last sunlight of this glorious Chicago day provided golden photons to bring energy to stone. Planes left town and we headed to Amtrak heading to Buffalo and then to the Canadian Niagara falls.

Thanks Bean.

Eclipse Expectations Excite Escapades for Enlightenment

by Bradley L. Bartz
Los Angeles, CA (SPX) Jun 26, 2017

Since this past December the great American eclipse has been a daily occupation for my mind and wallet. Hours and hours have been spent with this Nasa Total Solar Eclipse Interactive Map. Of course, Expedia played an important role in ruling out locations. Idaho? Forget about it. Oregon. Oh Oregon. I explored the trails of Oregon more that Lewis and Clark to find the perfect spot.

The Coast of Oregon was compelling. Corvallis, Oregon really was my first choice as my Nephew owns a house there, but he graduated and rented it out. Salem, Or (I always think of witches when I say Salem) was very promising but Expedia was a bit fickle.

Highway 395 thru Oregon is an amazing drive.

Ok, drive to Oregon from Los Angeles means I get to be "Mr. Tired." So, I hurried my planning efforts and developed the pitch for Amtrak and taking a train to the best eclipse viewing spot. I morphed these two maps together to determine my first best choices for trains, planes, hotels and automobiles:

  1. Salem, OR

  2. Sun Valley, ID

  3. Hastings, NE

  4. Hermann, MO

  5. Greenville, SC

Except for Sun Valley, each of these is an Amtrak station.

Once you get on Amtrak.com it gets addicting to concoct your travels. We chose to get USA Rail Passes so we could travel on past the eclipse viewing location to the rest of America. At $459 each for 15-days and 8 segments this seems like a pretty good deal.

I picked Hastings, Nebraska first. There were still hotels at a reasonable price available. The plan was to take Amtrak from Los Angeles Union Station to Emeryville and pick up our kid. The next day we would go from Emeryville to Hastings, NE. I was excited to reveal our eclipse travel plans, but was shot down when I said we land at Hastings, NE at 2am the morning of the event.

I thought it was good timing and that we would be excited about the eclipse so skipping the hotel that night would be ok. I held onto this belief for a few days until I got into my Google Earth car and drove around Hastings. It just felt a little ghost townish. (sorry Hastings I am sure it's nice...)

Ok, back to the drawing board and the Nasa interactive eclipse map. I already bought the Amtrak USA Rail Pass so I knew I was going to stick to the overnight trains to get to our destination.

Sun Valley, ID got knocked out because I did not want to drive four thousand hours to get there.

Hermann, MO caught my eye. Its 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Totality could be increased by 10 seconds by just driving a few miles from the train station. 50 bucks a night for motel walking distance to the train station! Sold! We booked Amtrak to leave LAX at 6pm Friday August 18th and arrive at Hermann, Mo Sunday August 20th at 12:03pm.

I did book for arriving the 21st at 12:03pm but wife nixed it saying the chances of a US train being on time is not likely. I agreed having lived for years in time-obsessed Japan and its to the minute on-time trains. I booked a second hotel with a pool because I thought it was summer and that'd be nice. Only a few bucks more, but ooops 20 miles from Hastings.

"Yes! We have special promotions of 30% off for trains from Chicago to Carbondale, Illinois, the center of the "eclipsical" universe," said Marc Magliari, Media Relations, Amtrak. "Just look at blog.amtrak.com for details."

Mr. Magliari also mentioned that it is just a day-trip from New Orleans to Carbondale commenting that you don't even need to get a hotel!

Amtrak is sponsoring eclipse viewing events in Carbondale so make sure to get your free safe viewing glasses before they run out.

For an extra fee you can bring your bicycle on Amtrak. This last comment from Mr. Magliari really opens up eclipse viewing locations. Do be safe riding during totality!

"You can expect the trains to be rather full - but space is available. It's easy to check at Amtrak.com." Closed Mr. Magliari.

Now logistics came into play. Enterprise rent-a-car was closed on Sunday's in Hermann. Strike one. Now we'd have to rely on Uber in the ghost town. Strike two. No need to wait for three. Plans change easy with Amtrak and we rebooked to continue on to St. Louis, Mo. What a great choice!

We booked the St. Louis Union Station Hotel on Market St. Being able to walk from the Amtrak station to the hotel was a key bonus. Then, we set out to discover the hotel and what a gem did we find!

We booked a car with Enterprise St. Louis that is open on Sunday so we can start our final eclipse leg bright and early.

The choice from St. Louis is another mind-blowing set of wonderful sounding and looking places.

  1. Festus, MO - 2:36.4 of totality. A festival in Festus sounds so cool. Did you know their high school football team mascot is a Tiger? "They're great," said Tony. The kids in St. Genevieve, MO probably yell "Hold that Tiger" at their annual rival game.

  2. Chester, IL - 2:39.9 of totality at the Lewis and Clark landmark. an hour and change from St. Louis and there will be a big party at the university.

  3. Washington, MO - 2:27.40 of totality at the Amtrak station with park on the river across the street. From St. Louis take an Amtrak in the morning and enjoy several events and local flavors

  4. St. Clair, MO - 2:40 of totality - eclipse ground zero champions the website. "Get your Eclipse on Route 66!" Do they sell eclairs in St. Clair? I don't care! What a cool looking town in the path. If we can't get tickets to the beer bus this is looking good.

  5. Bloomsdale, MO - 2:40.1 of totality. aaaaah. There is a beer festival on eclipse day. Lobbying hard for this one. Schlafly eclipse party includes a beer bus from its brewery in St. Louis to Bloomsdale for a party. Our hotel is walking distance.

  6. De Soto, MO - 2:40.1 of totality. This is a gateway city to the Mark Twain Forest. I'm gonna look for white picket fences.

  7. Carbondale, Illinois - 2:38 of totality. Amtrak turned me on to the Eclipse party of the "eclipsical" universe! Rock and Roll baby!

I emailed the Schlafly Brewery to ask more about their beer bus. "We will have 75 tickets, which go on sale on July 1 at www.schlafly.com/eclipse and expect to sell-out quickly!" Emailed Caiti Carrow, publicist for Schlafly.

She continued with, "Our Path of Totality packaging was specially designed to commemorate the August solar eclipse for our Helles-style lager. Consumers can purchase the special edition, black and metallic silver packaging of the beer style, including six and 12-packs. A pair of solar glasses to watch the phenomenon safely will also be included inside the 12-packs."

What is Schlafy's favorite spot in St. Louis? Founding Brewer Stephen Hale would say that the City Museum is a definite must. It's great for both kids and adults alike! For your readers, the Science Center would also be a great destination!

My List of things we must have for the eclipse:

1. Champagne - best suggestion from a veteran eclipse watcher.

2. Eclipse viewing glasses - lots of extra ones to give to others also.

3. Blanket for lying on the ground as sun will be overhead at 1:18pm

4. Solar lenses for my Mavic pro drone, Cannon with 400mm telephoto, Sony camcorder and DJI Osmo. An extra tripod might make sense too. Pictures and running commentary will be here: www.spacedaily.com/eclipse_2017

5. Memory cards, extra batteries, backup device and laptop

6. Bug spray, hats and sunblock.

7. Jacket/sweater for Totality as temperatures will drop fast! "Bring digital thermometer to show difference" my wife said.

8. Snacks and water

9. Maps, paper maps incase cell phone service is spotty. (Gotta be ready to change direction based on weather.)

10. Smiles, lots of smiles.

With our Amtrak USA Rail Pass we get to forge on as rolling stock from Saint Louis Union Station to Chicago and then Niagara Falls. Our great capital of Washington DC is right around the corner on the next train. Then we will pick our path back to Los Angeles via Seattle or Salt Lake City.

Our Great American Eclipse 2017 getaway is booked, so far.

Total Eclipse History and Fun Facts!

Testing Einstein's Theory of Gravity

Solar eclipses have long been known as fortunate opportunities to study the Sun, but in 1919, a total eclipse of the Sun gave scientists an opportunity to confirm Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity, a controversial and mind-bending description of space, time, and gravity. In this new theory, Einstein combined the concepts of space and time into an interlocked fabric called "space-time" which fills the universe. Objects with mass had the property of distorting space-time, resulting in the force of gravity. Einstein's theory was the first to correctly describe the orbit of Mercury, which had confounded astronomers for centuries. As Mercury orbits the Sun, the curvature of space caused by the Sun's gravity would cause the planet's orbit to shift very slightly, according to the theory. The curvature of space-time could explain the strange aspects of Mercury's orbit.

Einstein's theory met with both acclaim and skepticism, until 1919 when British astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington observed a total solar eclipse from the island of Principe off the west coast of Africa on May 29. The Sun was in the constellation Taurus and as darkness fell, a few stars in the Hyades cluster could be seen near the limb of the Sun.
-- Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Circa 1920.

Longest Annular Solar Eclipse
1655 Dec 12

Bradley Bartz writes, "If we travel back in time to 1655 this longest eclipse of the century marked the first legal slave in America, Mr. John Casor. A twelve minute total with an Annular Solar Eclipse. We learned this already, Annular - Moon's antumbral shadow traverses Earth (Moon is too far from Earth to completely cover the Sun). Thanks to NASA."

Eclipses of the Sun can only occur when the Moon is near one of its two orbital nodes [1] during the New Moon phase . It is then possible for the Moon's penumbral, umbral or antumbral shadows to sweep across Earth's surface thereby producing an eclipse. There are four types of solar eclipses:

Partial - Moon's penumbral shadow traverses Earth (umbral and antumbral shadows completely miss Earth)

Annular - Moon's antumbral shadow traverses Earth (Moon is too far from Earth to completely cover the Sun)

Total - Moon's umbral shadow traverses Earth (Moon is close enough to Earth to completely cover the Sun)

Hybrid - Moon's umbral and antumbral shadows traverse Earth (eclipse appears annular and total along different sections of its path). Hybrid eclipses are also known as annular-total eclipses. [2]

Total eclipses are visible from within the Moon's umbral shadow while annular eclipses are seen within the antumbral shadow . These eclipses can be classified as central [3] or non-central as:

Central (two limits) - The central axis of the Moon's shadow cone traverses Earth thereby producing a central line in the eclipse track. The umbra or antumbra falls entirely upon Earth so the ground track has both a northern and southern limit.

Central (one limit) - The central axis of the Moon's shadow cone traverses Earth. However, a portion of the umbra or antumbra misses Earth throughout the eclipse and the resulting ground track has just one limit.

Non-Central (one limit) - The central axis of the Moon's shadow cone misses Earth. However, one edge of the umbra or antumbra grazes Earth thereby producing a ground track with one limit and no central line.

The recurrence of solar eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle.


This implementation of Google Maps is based on Charlie Ridgway's Occultations Page.

The eclipse contacts window is based on Xavier Jubier's solar eclipses mapping page. Xavier's assistance in updating and improving these maps has been invaluable.

Special thanks to National Space Club summer intern Sumit Dutta for his assistance in developing this web page (July 2007) and to Bill Kramer for adding the distance-to-marker feature.

The Besselian elements used in the eclipse predictions were generated for the Moon's center of mass using the VSOP87/ELP2000-82 ephemerides for the Sun and Moon. The accuracy of the northern and southern edges of the eclipse path are limited to approximately 1-2 kilometers due to the lunar limb profile. All calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy.

Permission is freely granted to reproduce this data when accompanied by an acknowledgment:

"Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA's GSFC"

Fred Espenak: Adapted from NASA RP 1383 Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 February 26, April 1996, p. 17.

The Sun can be viewed safely with the naked eye only during the few brief seconds or minutes of a total solar eclipse. Partial eclipses, annular eclipses, and the partial phases of total eclipses are never safe to watch without taking special precautions. Even when 99% of the Sun's surface is obscured during the partial phases of a total eclipse, the remaining photospheric crescent is intensely bright and cannot be viewed safely without eye protection [Chou, 1981; Marsh, 1982]. Do not attempt to observe the partial or annular phases of any eclipse with the naked eye. Failure to use appropriate filtration may result in permanent eye damage or blindness!

Generally, the same equipment, techniques and precautions used to observe the Sun outside of eclipse are required for annular eclipses and the partial phases of total eclipses [Reynolds & Sweetsir, 1995; Pasachoff & Covington, 1993; Pasachoff & Menzel, 1992; Sherrod, 1981]. The safest and most inexpensive of these methods is by projection, in which a pinhole or small opening is used to cast the image of the Sun on a screen placed a half-meter or more beyond the opening. Projected images of the Sun may even be seen on the ground in the small openings created by interlacing fingers, or in the dappled sunlight beneath a leafy tree. Binoculars can also be used to project a magnified image of the Sun on a white card, but you must avoid the temptation of using these instruments for direct viewing.

The Sun can be viewed directly only when using filters specifically designed for this purpose. Such filters usually have a thin layer of aluminum, chromium or silver deposited on their surfaces that attenuates ultraviolet, visible, and infrared energy. One of the most widely available filters for safe solar viewing is a number 14 welder's glass, available through welding supply outlets. More recently, aluminized mylar has become a popular, inexpensive alternative. Mylar can easily be cut with scissors and adapted to any kind of box or viewing device. A number of sources for solar filters are listed below. No filter is safe to use with any optical device (i.e. - telescope, binoculars, etc.) unless it has been specifically designed for that purpose. Experienced amateur and professional astronomers may also use one or two layers of completely exposed and fully developed black-and-white film, provided the film contains a silver emulsion. Since all developed color films lack silver, they are always unsafe for use in solar viewing.

Unsafe filters include color film, some non-silver black and white film, medical x-ray films with images on them, smoked glass, photographic neutral density filters and polarizing filters. Solar filters designed to thread into eyepieces which are often sold with inexpensive telescopes are also dangerous. They should not be used for viewing the Sun at any time since they often crack from overheating. Do not experiment with other filters unless you are certain that they are safe. Damage to the eyes comes predominantly from invisible infrared wavelengths. The fact that the Sun appears dark in a filter or that you feel no discomfort does not guarantee that your eyes are safe. Avoid all unnecessary risks. Your local planetarium or amateur astronomy club is a good source for additional information.

In spite of these precautions, the total phase (and only the total phase) of an eclipse can and should be viewed without filters. It is crucial that you know when to take off and put back on your glasses; see Eye safety during a total solar eclipse

Chou, B. R., "Safe Solar Filters," Sky and Telescope, August 1981, p. 119.
Marsh, J. C. D., "Observing the Sun in Safety," J. Brit. Ast. Assoc., 1982, 92, 6.
Pasachoff, J. M., and Covington, M., Cambridge Guide to Eclipse Photography, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, 1993.
Pasachoff, J. M. Field Guide to the Stars and Planets, 4th edition, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2000.
Golub, L. and Pasachoff, J. M. Nearest Star: The Exciting Science of Our Sun, Harvard University Press, 2001.
Reynolds, M. D. and Sweetsir, R. A., Observe Eclipses, Astronomical League, Washington, DC, 1995.
Sherrod, P. C., A Complete Manual of Amateur Astronomy, Prentice-Hall, 1981.

Surprising Facts About Total Eclipses

1. Speed of the Moon's Shadow

During a total solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon moves at an incredible speed across the Earth's surface. Depending on the relative positions of the Earth and the Moon at the time, the shadow can move at over 1700 miles per hour (2700 kilometers per hour) at the equator. However, this speed decreases as the shadow moves towards the Earth's poles.

2. Baily's Beads and Diamond Ring Effect

Just before and after totality, you may see a phenomenon known as Baily's Beads. This is where the rugged lunar landscape allows beads of sunlight to shine through in some places, and not in others. Additionally, as the last bead of sunlight disappears or the first one reappears, it can create a bright flash known as the "Diamond Ring Effect."

3. Solar Eclipses Helped Prove Einstein Right

The total solar eclipse of 1919 played a crucial role in validating Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. By tracking starlight bending around the sun during the eclipse, astronomers were able to prove that gravity can bend light, a key prediction of Einstein's theory.

4. Frequency of Eclipses

Total solar eclipses happen somewhere on Earth about once every 18 months. However, they only return to the same place on average once every 375 years. So, having a total solar eclipse in your hometown is a truly rare event.

5. Temperature Drop

The blocking of the Sun's light during an eclipse causes a drop in temperature on Earth. This sudden change in temperature is often noticeable and can be as much as 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Animal Behavior Changes

The sudden darkness and temperature drop during an eclipse can cause animals to exhibit night-time behavior. Birds may stop singing, bats may come out, and some animals may become noticeably anxious or agitated.

7. Future of Eclipses

Due to tidal acceleration, the Moon is slowly receding from Earth at a rate of about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) per year. This will eventually cause total solar eclipses to cease happening in about 600 million to 1.4 billion years from now.

8. Eclipse Chasing

There's a dedicated group of people known as "eclipse chasers" or "umbraphiles" who travel the world to witness total solar eclipses. They often go to great lengths to position themselves within the path of totality, and some have seen many eclipses.

More fun fun facts, maps and guides in this free to read book!

2024 Total Eclipse on April 8th


ABC Solar Wins Best of South Bay 2021
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Best of the South Bay
By Daily Breeze Readers

CITYHIGHWAYTime in Totality
Bermejillo Highway 490 4m28.1s
Tiahualilo Highway 40 4m28.1s
Charcos de Risa Highway 91 4m28.0s
Nazas Highway 34 4m28.0s
San Luis del Cordero Highway Mystery 4m28.0s
Jose Maria Patoni Highway 45 4m27.9s
Ciudad Frontera Monclova Highway 20 4m27.9s
Ocampo Highway 20 4m27.9s
El Pozole Highway 23 4m27.8s
Santa Rosa de Muzquiz Highway 53 4m27.6s
Santa Rosa de Muzquiz Highway 53 4m27.6s
Parque Natural Mexiquillo Highway 40 4m27.4s
El Palmito Highway 40D 4m27.3s
Zaragoza Highway 29 4m27.2s
Copala Highway 40 4m27.2s
Zaragoza Highway 29 4m27.2s
Concordia Highway 40 4m27.2s
Concordia Highway 533 4m27.2s
Mesillis Highway 40D 4m27.1s
Mazatlan Highway 15D 4m27.1s
Mazatlan Highway 15 4m27.1s
Piedras Negras Highway 2 4m27.0s
Francisco Villa Highway 5-11 4m27.0s
Radar Base Texas Highway 227 4m26.9s
Brackettville Texas Highway 90 4m26.6s
Uvalde Texas Highway 55 4m26.5s
Rio Frio Texas Highway 83 4m26.3s
Ingram Texas Highway 10 4m25.7s
Fredericksburg Texas Highway 290 4m25.5s
Boot Ranch Texas Highway 87 4m25.5s
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area Texas Highway 16 4m25.2s
Llano Texas Highway 71 4m25.0s
Buchanan Dam Texas Highway 29 4m25.0s
Lampasas Texas Highway 281 4m24.6s
Lampasas Texas Highway 183 4m24.6s
Lampasas Texas Highway 190 4m24.5s
The Last Drive-In Picture Show 2912 TX-36 Texas Highway 36 4m24.0s
Gatesville Texas Highway 84 4m24.0s
Valley Mills Texas Highway 6 4m23.7s
Valley Mills Texas Highway 317 4m23.7s
Abbott Texas Highway 35 4m23.2s
Bynum Texas Highway 171 4m23.1s
Brandon Texas Highway 22 4m23.0s
Italy Texas Highway 34 4m22.8s
Avalon Texas Highway 34 4m22.8s
Ennis Texas Highway 287 4m22.6s
Ennis Texas Highway 45 4m22.5s
Kaufman Texas Highway 175 4m22.1s
Oak Ridge Texas Highway 34 4m22.0s
Oak Ridge Texas Highway 20 4m21.9s
Elmo Texas Highway 80 4m21.8s
East Tawakoni Texas Highway 276 4m21.5s
Point Texas Highway 69 4m21.4s
Sulphur Springs Texas Highway 30 4m21.1s
Sulphur Springs Texas Highway 11 4m21.0s
Sulphur Springs Texas Highway 19 4m20.9s
Bogata Texas Highway 271 4m20.3s
Bogata Texas Highway 37 4m20.3s
Clarksville Texas Highway 82 4m20.0s
Red Slough Wildlife Management Area Oklahoma Highway 259 4m19.7s
Haworth Oklahoma Highway 3 4m19.4s
De Queen Arkansas Highway 70 4m19.1s
Gillham Arkansas Highway 71 4m18.8s
Umpire Arkansas Highway 278 4m18.5s
Big Fork Arkansas Highway 8 4m18.1s
Pencil Bluff Arkansas Highway 270 4m17.7s
Sims Arkansas Highway 88 4m17.6s
Onyx Arkansas Highway 27 4m17.1s
Ola Arkansas Highway 7 4m16.8s
Plainview Arkansas Highway 60 4m16.8s
Ola Arkansas Highway 10 4m16.7s
Happy Bend Arkansas Highway 40 4m16.1s
Blackwell Arkansas Highway 64 4m16.1s
Clinton Arkansas Highway 65 4m15.3s
Shirley Arkansas Highway 16 4m15.1s
Mountain View Arkansas Highway 5 4m14.5s
Mountain View Arkansas Highway 14 4m14.4s
Mt. Pleasant Arkansas Highway 69 4m14.0s
Ash Flat Arkansas Highway 167 4m13.7s
Ozark Acres Arkansas Highway 412 4m13.2s
Ozark Acres Arkansas Highway 412 4m13.2s
Doniphan Missouri Highway 160 4m12.2s
Doniphan Missouri Highway 142 4m12.2s
Doniphan Missouri Highway 21 4m12.0s
Hendrickson Missouri Highway 60 4m11.5s
Hendrickson Missouri Highway 67 4m11.4s
Zalma Missouri Highway 51 4m10.6s
Zalma Missouri Highway 51 4m10.5s
Zalma Missouri Highway 51 4m10.3s
Jackson Missouri Highway 55 4m09.7s
Jackson Missouri Highway 72 4m09.7s
Cape Girardeau Missouri Highway 55 4m09.6s
Fruitland Missouri Highway 177 4m09.6s
Wolf Lake Missouri Highway 3 4m09.2s
Pomona Missouri Highway 127 4m09.0s
Carbondale Illinois Highway 51 4m08.8s
Carbondale Illinois Highway 13 4m08.5s
Energy Illinois Highway 148 Illinois 4m08.3s
Stiritz Illinois Highway 57 4m08.1s
Thompsonville Illinois Highway 149 4m07.9s
Parrish Illinois Highway 34 4m07.8s
McLeansboro Illinois Highway 242 4m07.3s
McLeansboro Illinois Highway 14 4m07.3s
McLeansboro Illinois Highway 142 4m07.3s
Springerton Illinois Highway 45 4m06.9s
Burnt Prairie Illinois Highway 64 4m06.7s
Albon Illinois Highway 15 4m06.2s
Sands Barrens Illinois Highway 1 4m05.4s
Bruceville Indiana Highway 67 4m04.8s
Westphalia Indiana Highway 67 4m04.4s
Newberry Indiana Highway 57 4m03.9s
Bloomfield Indiana Highway 231 4m03.8s
Bloomington Indiana Highway 46 4m03.0s
Bloomington Indiana Highway 37 4m02.9s
Morgantown Indiana Highway 252 4m02.3s
Bud Indiana Highway 135 4m02.0s
Bud Indiana Highway 44 4m02.0s
Hopewell Indiana Highway 144 4m01.9s
Franklin Indiana Highway 31 4m01.8s
Uremyville Indiana Highway 65 4m01.7s
Shelbyville Indiana Highway 421 4m01.4s
Founaintown Indiana Highway 9 4m01.2s
Morristown Indiana Highway 52 4m01.1s
Knightstown Indiana Highway 40 4m00.6s
Spiceland Indiana Highway 3 4m00.4s
Spiceland Indiana Highway 70 4m00.3s
Ashland Indiana Highway 38 4m00.1s
Economy Indiana Highway 1 3m59.8s
Economy Indiana Highway 35 3m59.8s
Modoc Indiana Highway 36 3m59.5s
Rural Indiana Highway 27 3m59.3s
Union City Indiana Highway 571 3m58.9s
Ansonia Indiana Highway 47 3m58.7s
North Star Indiana Highway 127 3m58.5s
Botkins Indiana Highway 75 3m57.6s
Wapakoneta Ohio Highway 33 3m57.2s
Ada Ohio Highway 68 3m56.4s
Kirby Ohio Highway 30 3m56.0s
Crawford Ohio Highway 23 3m55.7s
Attica Ohio Highway 224 3m54.8s
Siam Ohio Highway 4 3m54.6s
Norwalk Ohio Highway 20 3m54.1s
Norwalk Ohio Highway 20 3m54.0s
Norwalk Ohio Highway 250 3m54.0s
Florence Ohio Highway 80 3m53.6s
Lorain Ohio Highway 2 3m53.2s
Avon Lake Ohio Highway 83 3m52.7s
Avon Lake Ohio Highway 6 3m52.7s
Buffalo New York Highway 5 3m45.6s
Buffalo New York Highway 62 3m45.5s
Kaisertown New York Highway 190 3m45.4s
Kaisertown New York Highway 90 3m45.4s
Depew New York Highway 20 3m45.2s
Williamsville New York Highway 33 3m45.0s
Millgrove New York Highway 90 3m44.9s
Murrays Corner New York Highway 5 3m44.7s
Oakville New York Highway 63 3m44.3s
East Oakville New York Highway 98 3m44.1s
Brockport New York Highway 19 3m43.5s
Brockport New York Highway 31 3m43.5s
Brockport New York Highway 104 3m43.4s
Brockport New York Highway 260 3m43.4s
Hilton New York Highay 18 3m43.2s
Hilton New York Highay 259 3m43.2s
Hilton New York Lake Ontario State Parkway 3m43.0s
Henderson New York Highway 3 3m39.6s
Watertown New York Highway 81 3m39.1s
Watertown New York Highway 11 3m39.0s
Watertown New York Highway 12 3m38.9s
Fort Drum New York Highway 26 3m38.5s
Carthage New York Highway 3 3m38.4s
Diana Center New York Highway 3 3m38.1s
Harrisville New York Highway 812 3m37.8s
Fine New York Highway 3 3m37.2s
Paul Smiths New York Highway 30 3m35.4s
Saranac New York Highway 3 3m34.2s
Morrisonville New York Highway 3 3m33.8s
Beekmantown New York Highway 87 3m33.6s
Plattsburg New York Highway 22 3m33.6s
Grand Isle Vermont Highway 2 3m33.3s
St. Albans Town Vermont Highway 89 3m32.8s
Sheldon Vermont Highway 105 3m32.7s
Richford Vermont Highway 105 3m31.9s
Masonville Quebec Highway 243 3m31.3s
Fitch Bay Quebec Highway 247 3m30.9s
Ayers Cliff Quebec Highway 143 3m30.6s
Ayers Cliff Quebec Highway 55 3m30.6s
Ayers Cliff Quebec Highway 141 3m30.6s
Moes River Quebec Highway 147 3m30.1s
Moes River Quebec Highway 251 3m29.9s
Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton Quebec Highway 253 3m29.5s
La Patrie Quebec Highway 257 3m28.9s
Piopolis Quebec Highway 263 3m28.2s
Lac-Megantic Quebec Highway 161 3m28.1s
Move River Maine Highway 201 3m26.8s
Moro Maine Highway 11 3m22.8s
Littleton Maine Highway 1 3m21.7s
Avondale New Brunswick Highway 550 3m21.5s
Peel New Brunswick Highway 105 3m21.2s
Waterville New Brunswick Highway 2 3m21.2s
Peel New Brunswick Highway 103 3m21.2s
Upper Brighton New Brunswick Highway 130 3m21.1s
Napadogan New Brunswick Highway 107 3m20.0s
Blackville New Brunswick Highway 8 3m17.7s
Collette New Brunswick Highway 126 3m16.9s
Saint Margarets New Brunswick Highway 134 3m16.3s
Black River New Brunswick Highway 117 3m15.9s
Cap-aux-Meules Old Harry Highway 199 3m09.6s
South Branch New Brunswick Highway 1 3m04.4s
Port Blandford New Brunswick Highway 360 2m57.9s
Traytown New Brunswick Highway 1 2m55.3s
Bonavista New Brunswick Highway 235 2m53.8s
Bonavista New Brunswick Highway 230 2m53.7s

8 April 2024

Are you a Texas Rangers Fan? 3 Minutes and 18 Seconds of Totality.
Email / Call them and tell them to schedule a home game.

Are you a Cleveland Indians Fan? 3 Minutes and 48 Seconds of Totality!
Email the team and get that home game!
Tell them to plan for 7th inning stretch, or party, eclipse and then play.

Austin University

  • Lat.: 30.2852° N - Long.: 97.734° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Baylor University

  • Lat.: 31.5497° N - Long.: 97.1143° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Indiana Hoosiers football
    Memorial Stadium (Indiana)

  • Lat.: 39.1747° N - Long.: 86.513° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Ball State Univeristy

  • Lat.: 40.2062° N - Long.: 85.407° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Southern Methodist University

  • Lat.: 32.8412° N - Long.: 96.7846° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Buffalo Bulls football University at Buffalo Stadium

  • Lat.: 43.0032° N - Long.: 78.7919° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Miami University
    Miami RedHawks football
    Yager Stadium (Miami University)

  • Lat.: 39.5105° N - Long.: 84.731° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Akron Zips football
    InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field

  • Lat.: 41.0759° N - Long.: 81.5138° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Bowling Green Falcons football
    Doyt Perry Stadium

  • Lat.: 41.3799° N - Long.: 83.6303° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Kent State Golden Flashes football
    Dix Stadium

  • Lat.: 41.1413° N - Long.: 81.3275° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Arkansas State Red Wolves football
    Centennial Bank Stadium

  • Lat.: 35.8464° N - Long.: 90.6668° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Toledo Rockets football
    Glass Bowl

  • Lat.: 41.658° N - Long.: 83.6142° W
  • Duration of Totality:


    Syracuse Orange football
    Carrier Dome

  • Lat.: 43.0392° N - Long.: 76.1352° W
  • Duration of Totality:


  • Let the planning begin! Amtrak is a boon for this full eclipse of the sun on

    April 8, 2024. 4/8/2024. 4-8.

    48 Amtrak & Via Rails Stations are in the path of totality
    and a few are just walking distance to total darkness.

    2024 Total Eclipse on April 8th

    CityAmtrak Station NameTotality Time
    McGregor MCG 4:23
    Popular Bluff PBF 4:08
    Carbondale CDL 4:08
    Pocahontas WNR 4:03
    Corsicana COC 4:02
    DuQuoin DQN 3:54
    Elyria ELY 3:52
    Dallas DAL 3:49
    Cleveland CLE 3:48
    Indianapolis IND 3:48
    Walnut Ridge SNR 3:47
    Buffalo BUF 3:45
    Sandusky SKY 3:44
    Connersville COI 3:44
    Dunkirk DUK 3:42
    Cleburne CBR 3:41
    Temple TPL 3:41
    Mineola MIN 3:41
    Erie ERI 3:41
    Fredonia FDN 3:40
    Rochester ROC 3:38
    Plattsburgh PLB 3:33
    St. Albans SAB 3:32
    Niagara Falls NFL 3:30
    Del Rio DRT 3:25
    Port Kent PRK 3:25
    Rouses Point RSP 3:25
    Wesport (Lake Placid) WSP 3:18
    Burllington-Essex Junction ESX 3:15
    St. Catherines VIA RAIL 3:12
    Newport NPT 3:08
    Centralia CEN 2:46
    Akron AKO 2:45
    Grimsby VIA RAIL 2:44
    Ft. Worth FTW 2:33
    Jamestown JMN 2:28
    Little Rock LRK 2:28
    Texarkana TXA 2:25
    Waterbury-Stowe WAB 2:24
    Malvern MVN 2:22
    Arkdelphia ARK 2:07
    Toledo TOL 2:00
    Port Henry POH 1:56
    Austin AUS 1:49
    Taylor TAY 1:48
    Hamilton HMN 1:36
    Montpelier MPR 1:35
    Montreal MTR 1:34
    St. Lamberts SLQ 1:29
    Syracuse SRY 1:20
    Effingham EFG 1:13
    San Antonio SAS 0:52
    Crawfordsville CRF 0:47
    Detroit DEC 0:00
    Youngstown YTO 0:00


    8 April 2024
    Total Eclipse of the Sun

    From Halifax, Canada to Mazatlan, Mexico
    Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, & Vermont
  • 48 Amtrak & Via Rail Stations
  • 2 Baseball Stadiums and 13 Universities
  • Parties, Games, Carnivals and More


    Let the planning begin! Amtrak is a boon for this full eclipse of the sun on April 8, 2024. 4/8/2024. 4-8. 48 Amtrak & Via Rails Stations are in the path of totality and a few a just walking distance to total darkness.


    1. (DRT) - Del Rio, Texas - Three minutes and 25 seconds of full bliss can be had in this border town Amtrak Station. 100 North Main Street, Del Rio, Texas 78840. This station has no services. The best hotel in town is Ramada by Wyndham Del Rio.


    A Borderland Paradise
    An oasis in the desert, Amistad National Recreation Area consists of the US portion of the International Amistad Reservoir. Amistad, whose name comes from the Spanish word meaning friendship, is best known for excellent water-based recreation, camping, hiking, rock art viewing, and its rich cultural history. Amistad is also home to a wide variety of plant and animal life above and below the water.

    2. (TPL) Temple, Texas
    315 West Avenue B
    Temple, TX 76501.

    3:41 in Totality is an incredibly long time. I’m betting Texans and visitors will be horse from yellin’ and a screamin’ in joy. The best hotel in town is In The Creek. April in Texas is blooming in yellow and blues of full spring.

    3. (MCG) McGregor, Texas
    1 Amtrak Boulevard
    McGregor, TX 76657

    4:23. Now, hold your horses Batman. That is Four Minutes and Twenty-Three Seconds of Totality. This Texas location is going to be eclipse central!

    According the McGregor city website: This largely rural community provides a variety of industrial, commercial and retail opportunities. The McGregor Industrial Park covers over 9,600 acres. SpaceX and Ferguson are the anchor tenants in the McGregor Industrial Park. The best hotel in town is called 1700 South 2nd. Ok, this is in Waco, Texas, but so what!

    4:12 in Totality in a 4 star hotel. That is the way to go.


    NASA IS PUBLIC DOMAIN -- You Already Paid For It.

    Where will you go on April 8, 2018 to witness the miracle (ok, not so much), but the oh so very cool full solar eclipse. Use the above link to pinpoint your point of totality. My numbers on the left are estimates for each city. Now, my question is where will I be?

    I choose Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Something spectacular can happen for you at any location along totality. Magic. Even traffic is ok as the passengers in the other cars are happy and sappy too!

    When is too early!? to start planning? Five years ahead. Yes!

    This time, I want to be in the path of totality for days before. You will read our Amtrak Adventure Across America with a stop in St. Louis Missouri for the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. We went to the Dew Drop Inn, Bloomsdale, Missouri who will get 2 minutes of totality again in 2024! X Marks the Spot!

    Big list of things to bring? For the camera guy, yes, otherwise, bring a chair and shade umbrella. Champagne is a must! Read on for what we brought and missed on our journey to St. Louis from LAX on Amtrak for the August 21, 2017 eclipse.


    4. (AUS) Austin, Texas
    250 North Lamar Boulevard
    Austin, TX 78703

    On the edge of Texas culture, Austin is blessed with over a minute of Totality. The relaxed citizens don’t have to go far to increase pleasure. A pleasure it will be. Amtrak describes Austin as: The brick depot was built in 1947 for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Austin, a center of high-tech industry as well as the state capital, also styles itself the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

    Four Seasons and the Fairmont Austin Gold Experience are the best hotels in town. It may be better to find a place north west of Austin that has a higher time in Totality.

    5. (TAY) Taylor, Texas
    118 East First Street
    Union Pacific Yard Office
    Taylor, TX 76574-3627

    Just a platform. Time it right and you might be on a train that rolls in, stops (please Amtrak, pay attention) and allows you off to see the miracle of the eclipse and then move on! The Westin Austin at The Domain is the best choice, but the Best Western is only 2 mils from downtown Taylor.

    6. (CBR) Cleburne, Texas
    Intermodal Transportation Depot
    206 North Border Street
    Cleburne Intermodal Depot
    Cleburne, TX 76031-4236

    Amtrak says: Founded in 1854, Cleburne grew as an agricultural, ranching and railroad center. The Intermodal Transportation Depot, constructed in 1999, serves Amtrak and local bus transit.

    The Inn on Lake Granbury is the place to be for luxury and a minute or so of Totality. Liberty Hotel in downtown Cleburne is expected to not see for 3:44. Wow.

    7. (FTW) Ft. Worth, Texas
    1001 Jones Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76102

    Forth Worth is going to get 2:33 in solar eclipse totality. Amtrak says: Located near Sundance Square and the Botanical and Water Gardens, the intermodal transportation center is known for its soaring clock tower.

    The Worthington Residence Fort Worth Hotel is a great choice for enjoying family and the eclipse. Get a picnic basket and head out for the day! Get to the red line.

    8. (DAL) Dallas, Texas
    400 South Houston Street Dallas, TX 75202-4840

    Amtrak says: Opened in 1916, the Beaux-Arts Union Station was renovated to serve as an events space and intermodal center. It is used by DART light rail, TRE commuter trains, local buses and Amtrak. .

    The Ritz Carlton is the magical place ot not have to leave the hotel and get 3:49 of totality!

    9. (MIN) Mineola, Texas
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    115 East Front Street
    Mineola, TX 75773-2453

    Head over to the Mill Creek Ranch Restort in Canton, Texas for 4:06 of blissful totality! Expedia says: This family-friendly Canton cottage is within 2 mi (3 km) of First Monday Trade Days, Splash Kingdom Family Waterpark, and Old Mill Marketplace. Twin Lakes Golf Course is 10.3 mi (16.6 km) away.

    10. (SAS) San Antonio, Texas
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    350 Hoefgen Street
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Horseshoe Bay Resort - 4:16 in totality so worth the car rental and drive. Stay a few days! Play golf during totality! Expedia says: This family-friendly Horseshoe Bay hotel is located near the airport, within 3 mi (5 km) of Slick Rock Golf Course and Lake LBJ Yacht Club and Marina. Apple Rock Gulf Course and Ram Rock Golf Course are also within 6 mi (10 km).

    This is from the Ritz Carlton, Dallas, Texas. 18:42:37.3 is Universal Time for the Maximum eclipse. Central Time| subtract 5 hours from UTC (-6 hours if daylight savings time!?) So, the total eclipse at Ritz Carlton in Dallas will be 12:42pm. Right smack in the afternoon picnic time! Best to get early, e.g. 12:42pm as that is six hours off of Universal Time. If we sleep in on Daylight Savings, then -5 is 1:42pm. So we won’t miss it!


    11. (TXA) Texarkana, Arkansas
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    100 East Front Street
    Texarkana, AR 71854-5907

    Comfort Suites Idabel. Just three miles from Muscle Car Legends Museum this is a great play to go!

    Ok, you can stay any where in Texarkana and get totality.

    12. (ARK) Arkadelphia, Arkansas
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    798 South 5th Street
    Arkadelphia, AR 71923-6237

    Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa
    Magic Springs and Crystal Falls and Hot Springs National Park AND 4:10 of total blackout of the sun. This looks like a fabulous destination. Book early.

    13. (MVN) Malvern, Arkansas
    Platform with Shelter
    200 East First Street
    Malvern, AR 72104-3922

    Hilltop Manor Bed and Breakfast. With 3:40 in sweet darkness the Hiltop Manor will be the proper place for a bottle of red and some friends. Visit the Magic Spring Theme and Water Park too!

    14. (LRK) Little Rock, Arkansas
    Union Station
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    1400 West Markham Street
    Little Rock, AR 72201

    Little Rock Marriott sounds like a band and for 2:26 it will be silent night during the day! Rock on little brother Rock on.

    15. (WNR) Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    109 Southwest Front Street
    Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

    Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Pocahontas.


    16. (PBF) Poplar Bluff, Missouri
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    400 South Main Street
    Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-585


    17. (CDL) Carbondale, Illinois
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    401 South Illinois Avenue
    Carbondale, IL 62901

    Kite Hill Vineyards Bed & Breakfast. Stop looking, Start Booking. No other words will suffice. 4:08. Four minutes and eight seconds of totality will feel like a rush of heaven at Kite Hill. Make sure you ask for the picnic basket and house red wine.

    18. (CEN) Centralia, Illinois
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    110 South Oak St.
    Centralia, IL 62801-3526

    Drury Inn & Suites Mt. Vernon. 3:41 in black and near the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

    19. (EFG) Effingham, Illinois
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    401 West National Avenue
    Effingham, IL 62401


    20. (CRF) Crawfordsville, Indiana
    Platform with Shelter
    400 North Green Street
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933

    Go back three....save on the beer. It it not cold here.

    21. (IND) Indianapolis, Indiana
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    350 South Illinois Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46225-1198

    Get back to work you lazy... oh wait! This is a holiday planner for the epic April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Time to stay at the Ironworks Hotel Indy.

    The Indianapolis Art Center is close by. See art and watch totality for 3:36. Get back to work and book!

    22. (COI) Connersville, Indiana
    Platform with Shelter
    1012 Eastern Avenue
    Connersville, IN 47331

    No question about it the founding father of Indiana is Philip W. Smith and he merry band of wine and beer makers led to a sleepy town of Richmond to back in spires of glory. Stay here:
    Philip W. Smith Bed & Breakfast


    23. (TOL) Toledo, Ohio
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    415 Emerald Avenue
    Toledo, OH 43604-8817

    Staybridge Suites Toledo - Rossford - Perrysburg.
    I would go to the Toledo Zoo for sure. 100%. With 2:14 of black totality the sound of the animals will be so interesting. Please leave your video camera on before, during and after. The sounds are amazing. Go here!

    24. (SKY) Sandusky, Ohio
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    1200 North Depot Street
    Sandusky, OH 44870-3165

    The Bays Edge is the place to be in Sandusky, Ohio with 3:35 in 360 degree sunsets during totality. Yes! 360 degree sunset. Stunning. Got a drone? Send it up and capture the shadow of totality. It’s fast!

    25. (ELY) Elyria, Ohio
    Platform only (no shelter)
    410 East River Road
    Elyria, OH 44035

    The Hotel At Oberlin adventures begin within walking distance at places like Allen Memorial Art Museum.

    Keep stretching your shoes and goes to The Weltzheimer/Johnson House. You will love 3:51 in black.

    26. (CLE) Cleveland, Ohio
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    200 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
    Cleveland, OH 44114

    Metropolitan at The 9, Autograph Collection. Stop planning and see the eclipse at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Get your mind blown and then your ears. With 3:49 its pop song length. Call the DJ. Make sure they are on their game! Rock on Cleveland.


    27. (ERI) Erie, Pennsylvania
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    125 West 14th Street
    Erie, PA 16501

    oh, boy, so many choices! The Seaons at Nicks Place because he named it so. But, the driveway leading to Maple Springs Lake Side Inn will capture your heart and your camera will capture 3:21 of God’s plan.


    28. (BUF) Depew, NY
    Depew Station
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    55 Dick Road
    Depew, NY 14043

    Curtiss Hotel, An Ascend Hotel Collection Member
    Staying here is great, but if you can’t make the five star budget, just a few miles away is max totality at the Tift Nature Preserve. Trust me anywhere in Buffalo will be great. Get an Air BnB early.

    I’ll be in Niagara Falls across the border for 3:33. That is coming soon.

    29. (ROC) Rochester, New York
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    320 Central Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14605

    Swing it, fling it and hang on at Frisbee Hill Park and get 3.43 to play in the dark! Will your dog be able to catch? Where to stay? Anywhere in Rochester is great, even if there is still snow on the ground.

    30. (SYR) Syracuse, NY
    Station Building
    (with waiting room) and 1:24 in totality
    1 Walsh Circle
    Syracuse, NY 13208

    Baldwinsville Bed and Breakfast and 2:45 @ 19:23 UT

    31. (PRK) Port Kent, New York
    Platform only (no shelter). Cool.
    NY 373 and Lake Street
    Port Kent, NY 12975

    Can you count stars during the eclipse? Yes and you should stay at the Starlight Inn. 3:22 is plenty of time to count and be in complete awe. And please get a picture of this hotel’s sign in the eclipse and I’ll send you a signed copy! Thanks!

    32. (WSP) Westport, New York
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    6705 Main Street
    Westport, NY 12993

    The Inn in Westport is within 25 miles of Vermont Teddy Bears. So, think about making a Solar Eclipse Bear in the morning and then see the 2:39 seconds of the eclipse in a park with your new friend. Or visit the state park from within.

    33. (POH) Port Henry, NY
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    20 Park Place
    Port Henry, NY 12974-1324

    2:05 in Port Henry will be magical.

    Porthenrymoriah.com says: Village Inn, 518 618-6757, 1 Star Way, Port Henry. 4 rooms in the center of the Village, with Red Brick Cafe.

    34. (RSP) Rouses Point, New York
    Platform only (no shelter)
    68 Pratt Street
    Rouses Point, NY 12979

    The North Hero House is a hero because of 3:33, a lucky number for the Total Eclipse Crowd. Why? You will have to ask them here at The North Hero House!


    35. (SAB) St Albans, Vermont
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    40 Federal Street
    St Albans, VT 05478

    Back Inn Time Bed & Breakfast. You will time travel when you experience the total eclipse. Only a 10 minute walk from St. Albans Amtrak station this is an old-world charmer.

    36. (ESX) Essex Junction, Vermont
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    29 Railroad Avenue
    Essex Junction, VT 05452

    The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary Resort & Spa. Head to Lake Champlain and pop the cork on champagne at max totality 19:27:52 UT. Pop it! Imagine again being in a hot air balloon when blackness and that amazing around the wheel sunset. Things to consider here. Stay a week in advance and participate in the build up.

    37. (WAB) Waterbury, Vermont
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    US Highway 2 and Park Row
    Waterbury, VT 05676

    Edson Hill is just 10 miles from the Waterbury Amtrak station and is worlds away. Three minutes and Edson Hill will become forever yours.

    38. (MPR) Montpelier, VT
    Station Building (with waiting room)
    297 Junction Road
    Montpelier, VT 05602

    This station will get you to Edson Hill too. But, let’s consider Hobble Inn located in Mt. Stowe, Vermont.

    Did I mention that you can go skiing this time of year too! The top of the Gondola is #;03 in totality! Oh Man, this is looking better and better. Plan early and remember to get your lift tickets! ONTARIO, CANADA

    39. Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

    Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Spa and book a room with a falls view. Then upgrade to get more falls view. Bring time lapse cameras and stick to the windows. Seeing the totality at Niagara Falls will be priceless. Take the time to be there a few days before and map where the sun will be and your shots.

    All other places will seems dry compared to Niagara Falls in afternoon sunset. Book early and book often. The crowds will be intense so be prepared to camp for your spot early. See you there!

    40. St. Catherine’s, Ontario

    Woodbourne Inn reminds me to look at the shade from trees during the eclipse. In particular the leading movement of light is mesmerizing among the leaves. Sometimes seeing hundreds of eclipses on the ground!

    41. Grimsby, Ontario

    The Barracks Inn. Not quite Harry Potter, but Griffin House National Historic Site is close by. One minute and thirty-five seconds is historic!

    Uh. The rooms are soundproof so you can really party hard and no one will care (or hear you!)

    42. Kingston, Quebec, Canada

    Residence Inn Kingston Water’s Edge. Get your party started at the Pump House Steam Museum and be prepared for 3:03 in a stuper. Catch pics of reflection of the eclipse off the water. Great choice in a great city.

    43. Bellville, Quebec, Canada

    Stay at the Newsroom Suites and hurry to Wellington Heritage Museum. 2:58 is wonderful and this town will capture your heart for days.

    44. Brockville, Quebec, Canada

    White Pillars Lodging. You will feel really smart here as there are so many universities close by. You may want to brink a pipe and a smoking jacket!. 3:14 in black and blue of totality will be the foundation for your vacation. Brockville everywhere is in for a wild ride. Enjoy every minute and shrare your bounty!

    45. Miramichi, Halifax Canada

    Kouchibouguac Resort is your farthest east point on the continent to see this total eclipse. Kouchibouguac National Park envelopes this resort and is worthy of your choice.

    April 8, 2024 - 4/8/24 - April 8th - 4-8 --- 48 Train Platforms that give you 100% Totality.

    Just book your trip of a lifetime and land anywhere in the curve from Del Rio Texas to Halifax, Canada. Stay with friends. Go camping. Go Skiing but you should stop during totality. It does get really dark and you want to hear it too. Breathe. Listen. Awe.

    Amtrak and Via Rail websites are a bounty of information about what to do and where to stay at each destination. Over the next 69 months I will continue my trip planning and will write more.

    Your inputs are needed and welcome. If you live near one o the lucky 48 train platforms tell us the best parks, views and pubs.

    Email me at Bartz@ABCsolar.com. Yes, I am a solar energy professional for 18 years now. Following the sun is a daily event for me. The eclipse of 2017 captured my heart and drives me to learn more.

    Thanks so much. And please remember.



    Looking for three more stations....


    TIME Northern_line Southern_Line Red_line Dia_ratio alt azimuth width duration city state See the Location
    16:40 07 11.6S 158 43.9W 08 27.2S 158 20.1W 07 49.5S 158 31.9W 1.04 0 - 144 02m06.3s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:42 05 30.6S 149 47.6W 06 11.7S 146 38.0W 05 50.2S 148 07.8W 1.043 11 81 159 02m27.5s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:44 04 20.5S 145 29.6W 05 08.4S 143 00.6W 04 44.0S 144 13.0W 1.044 16 81 166 02m36.8s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:46 03 21.2S 142 27.6W 04 12.3S 140 15.6W 03 46.4S 141 20.3W 1.045 19 81 171 02m44.2s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:48 02 27.1S 140 01.8W 03 20.2S 137 59.5W 02 53.3S 138 59.7W 1.046 22 81 174 02m50.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:50 01 36.2S 137 58.5W 02 30.8S 136 02.5W 02 03.3S 136 59.7W 1.047 25 81 178 02m56.3s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:52 00 47.7S 136 10.6W 01 43.4S 134 19.0W 01 15.4S 135 14.1W 1.048 27 81 181 03m01.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:54 00 01.0S 134 34.2W 00 57.6S 132 45.9W 00 29.1S 133 39.5W 1.048 29 81 183 03m06.4s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:56 00 44.4N 133 06.9W 00 13.0S 131 21.1W 00 15.9N 132 13.5W 1.049 31 81 186 03m10.9s Bikini Bottom See the location
    16:58 01 28.6N 131 46.8W 00 30.6N 130 03.0W 00 59.7N 130 54.5W 1.05 33 82 188 03m15.2s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:00 02 11.8N 130 32.7W 01 13.2N 128 50.5W 01 42.7N 129 41.2W 1.05 35 82 190 03m19.3s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:02 02 54.2N 129 23.6W 01 55.1N 127 42.8W 02 24.8N 128 32.8W 1.05 37 82 192 03m23.1s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:04 03 35.9N 128 18.8W 02 36.4N 126 39.1W 03 06.3N 127 28.6W 1.051 38 83 193 03m26.8s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:06 04 17.0N 127 17.7W 03 17.0N 125 39.0W 03 47.2N 126 28.0W 1.051 40 83 194 03m30.3s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:08 04 57.5N 126 19.9W 03 57.2N 124 42.0W 04 27.5N 125 30.6W 1.052 41 84 196 03m33.7s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:10 05 37.5N 125 24.9W 04 36.8N 123 47.8W 05 07.3N 124 36.1W 1.052 43 84 197 03m36.9s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:12 06 17.1N 124 32.5W 05 16.0N 122 56.0W 05 46.7N 123 44.0W 1.052 44 85 198 03m40.0s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:14 06 56.3N 123 42.4W 05 54.8N 122 06.4W 06 25.6N 122 54.1W 1.053 46 86 199 03m42.9s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:16 07 35.0N 122 54.2W 06 33.3N 121 18.7W 07 04.3N 122 06.2W 1.053 47 86 199 03m45.8s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:18 08 13.5N 122 07.9W 07 11.4N 120 32.8W 07 42.5N 121 20.1W 1.053 48 87 200 03m48.5s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:20 08 51.6N 121 23.2W 07 49.2N 119 48.5W 08 20.5N 120 35.6W 1.053 49 88 201 03m51.1s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:22 09 29.4N 120 40.0W 08 26.8N 119 05.7W 08 58.2N 119 52.6W 1.054 51 89 201 03m53.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:24 10 07.0N 119 58.1W 09 04.0N 118 24.2W 09 35.6N 119 10.9W 1.054 52 90 202 03m56.0s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:26 10 44.3N 119 17.5W 09 41.1N 117 43.8W 10 12.7N 118 30.4W 1.054 53 91 202 03m58.4s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:28 11 21.4N 118 37.9W 10 17.9N 117 04.6W 10 49.7N 117 51.0W 1.054 54 92 202 04m00.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:30 11 58.3N 117 59.4W 10 54.4N 116 26.3W 11 26.4N 117 12.6W 1.055 55 93 202 04m02.7s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:32 12 34.9N 117 21.7W 11 30.8N 115 49.0W 12 02.9N 116 35.1W 1.055 56 94 203 04m04.8s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:34 13 11.4N 116 44.9W 12 07.0N 115 12.4W 12 39.3N 115 58.4W 1.055 57 96 203 04m06.7s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:36 13 47.8N 116 08.8W 12 43.0N 114 36.6W 13 15.4N 115 22.5W 1.055 58 97 203 04m08.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:38 14 23.9N 115 33.4W 13 18.9N 114 01.4W 13 51.4N 114 47.2W 1.055 59 99 203 04m10.3s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:40 14 59.9N 114 58.5W 13 54.6N 113 26.8W 14 27.3N 114 12.5W 1.055 60 100 203 04m12.0s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:42 15 35.8N 114 24.3W 14 30.1N 112 52.8W 15 03.0N 113 38.3W 1.056 61 102 203 04m13.6s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:44 16 11.6N 113 50.4W 15 05.5N 112 19.2W 15 38.6N 113 04.6W 1.056 62 104 202 04m15.1s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:46 16 47.2N 113 17.0W 15 40.8N 111 46.0W 16 14.0N 112 31.4W 1.056 63 105 202 04m16.5s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:48 17 22.7N 112 44.0W 16 15.9N 111 13.3W 16 49.3N 111 58.4W 1.056 64 107 202 04m17.9s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:50 17 58.1N 112 11.3W 16 51.0N 110 40.8W 17 24.5N 111 25.8W 1.056 64 109 202 04m19.1s Bikini Bottom See the location
    17:52 18 33.4N 111 38.8W 17 25.9N 110 08.6W 17 59.6N 110 53.5W 1.056 65 112 202 04m20.3s Socorro Island San Jose del Cabo See the location
    17:54 19 08.6N 111 06.5W 18 00.7N 109 36.6W 18 34.7N 110 21.4W 1.056 66 114 202 04m21.4s See the location
    17:56 19 43.7N 110 34.4W 18 35.4N 109 04.8W 19 09.6N 109 49.4W 1.056 66 116 201 04m22.4s See the location
    17:58 20 18.8N 110 02.5W 19 10.1N 108 33.1W 19 44.4N 109 17.6W 1.056 67 119 201 04m23.4s See the location
    18:00 20 53.8N 109 30.6W 19 44.6N 108 01.5W 20 19.2N 108 45.8W 1.056 67 122 201 04m24.2s See the location
    18:02 21 28.7N 108 58.7W 20 19.1N 107 29.9W 20 53.8N 108 14.1W 1.056 68 125 200 04m25.0s See the location
    18:04 22 03.5N 108 26.8W 20 53.5N 106 58.4W 21 28.5N 107 42.4W 1.056 68 128 200 04m25.7s See the location
    18:06 22 38.3N 107 54.9W 21 27.8N 106 26.8W 22 03.0N 107 10.7W 1.056 69 131 200 04m26.3s See the location
    18:08 23 13.0N 107 22.8W 22 02.0N 105 55.1W 22 37.5N 106 38.8W 1.057 69 134 199 04m26.8s See the location
    18:10 23 47.7N 106 50.7W 22 36.2N 105 23.3W 23 11.9N 106 06.8W 1.057 69 137 199 04m27.2s See the location
    18:12 24 22.3N 106 18.3W 23 10.3N 104 51.4W 23 46.3N 105 34.7W 1.057 70 140 199 04m27.6s See the location
    18:14 24 56.9N 105 45.7W 23 44.4N 104 19.2W 24 20.6N 105 02.3W 1.057 70 144 198 04m27.9s See the location
    18:16 25 31.4N 105 12.9W 24 18.4N 103 46.8W 24 54.8N 104 29.7W 1.057 70 147 198 04m28.1s See the location
    18:18 26 05.9N 104 39.8W 24 52.3N 103 14.2W 25 29.1N 103 56.8W 1.057 70 151 197 04m28.2s See the location
    18:20 26 40.4N 104 06.3W 25 26.3N 102 41.2W 26 03.3N 103 23.6W 1.057 70 154 197 04m28.2s See the location
    18:22 27 14.8N 103 32.4W 26 00.1N 102 07.8W 26 37.4N 102 49.9W 1.057 70 157 197 04m28.1s See the location
    18:24 27 49.2N 102 58.0W 26 33.9N 101 34.0W 27 11.5N 102 15.9W 1.056 69 161 196 04m28.0s See the location
    18:26 28 23.6N 102 23.2W 27 07.7N 100 59.8W 27 45.6N 101 41.4W 1.056 69 164 196 04m27.7s Rancho Los Noras Mexico See the location
    18:28 28 57.9N 101 47.8W 27 41.4N 100 25.1W 28 19.6N 101 06.3W 1.056 69 168 195 04m27.4s See the location
    18:30 29 32.2N 101 11.9W 28 15.1N 099 49.8W 28 53.6N 100 30.7W 1.056 68 171 195 04m27.0s See the location
    18:32 30 06.5N 100 35.3W 28 48.8N 099 13.9W 29 27.6N 099 54.5W 1.056 68 174 194 04m26.5s See the location
    18:34 30 40.8N 099 57.9W 29 22.4N 098 37.4W 30 01.5N 099 17.5W 1.056 68 177 194 04m26.0s See the location
    18:36 31 15.0N 099 19.9W 29 56.0N 098 00.1W 30 35.4N 098 39.9W 1.056 67 180 193 04m25.3s See the location
    18:38 31 49.3N 098 41.0W 30 29.6N 097 22.1W 31 09.3N 098 01.5W 1.056 66 183 193 04m24.5s See the location
    18:40 32 23.5N 098 01.3W 31 03.1N 096 43.3W 31 43.2N 097 22.2W 1.056 66 185 192 04m23.7s See the location
    18:42 32 57.6N 097 20.6W 31 36.6N 096 03.6W 32 17.0N 096 42.0W 1.056 65 188 192 04m22.7s See the location
    18:44 33 31.8N 096 38.8W 32 10.0N 095 23.0W 32 50.8N 096 00.8W 1.056 64 191 191 04m21.7s See the location
    18:46 34 05.9N 095 56.0W 32 43.4N 094 41.3W 33 24.6N 095 18.6W 1.056 64 193 191 04m20.6s Cunningham Texas See the location
    18:48 34 40.0N 095 12.1W 33 16.8N 093 58.5W 33 58.3N 094 35.2W 1.056 63 195 190 04m19.4s See the location
    18:50 35 14.1N 094 26.9W 33 50.1N 093 14.6W 34 32.0N 093 50.7W 1.055 62 198 189 04m18.0s Sulphur Springs Arkansas See the location
    18:52 35 48.1N 093 40.3W 34 23.4N 092 29.5W 35 05.6N 093 04.8W 1.055 61 200 189 04m16.6s New Neely Arkansas See the location
    18:54 36 22.1N 092 52.3W 34 56.6N 091 43.0W 35 39.2N 092 17.6W 1.055 60 202 188 04m15.1s See the location
    18:56 36 56.0N 092 02.8W 35 29.8N 090 55.0W 36 12.8N 091 28.9W 1.055 59 204 188 04m13.5s See the location
    18:58 37 29.9N 091 11.6W 36 02.9N 090 05.6W 36 46.3N 090 38.6W 1.055 58 206 187 04m11.8s See the location
    19:00 38 03.8N 090 18.7W 36 36.0N 089 14.5W 37 19.7N 089 46.6W 1.055 57 208 186 04m10.0s See the location
    19:02 38 37.5N 089 23.9W 37 09.0N 088 21.6W 37 53.1N 088 52.8W 1.054 56 210 186 04m08.1s See the location
    19:04 39 11.2N 088 27.0W 37 41.9N 087 26.9W 38 26.3N 087 57.0W 1.054 55 212 185 04m06.1s See the location
    19:06 39 44.8N 087 27.9W 38 14.7N 086 30.1W 38 59.5N 086 59.1W 1.054 54 214 184 04m04.0s See the location
    19:08 40 18.2N 086 26.5W 38 47.4N 085 31.1W 39 32.6N 085 58.9W 1.054 53 216 183 04m01.7s See the location
    19:10 40 51.6N 085 22.6W 39 19.9N 084 29.8W 40 05.6N 084 56.3W 1.054 52 217 183 03m59.4s See the location
    19:12 41 24.8N 084 15.9W 39 52.4N 083 26.0W 40 38.4N 083 51.1W 1.053 51 219 182 03m56.9s See the location
    19:14 41 57.8N 083 06.3W 40 24.7N 082 19.4W 41 11.0N 082 43.0W 1.053 50 221 181 03m54.4s See the location
    19:16 42 30.6N 081 53.4W 40 56.8N 081 09.9W 41 43.5N 081 31.9W 1.053 48 223 180 03m51.7s See the location
    19:18 43 03.2N 080 37.0W 41 28.7N 079 57.1W 42 15.8N 080 17.4W 1.052 47 224 179 03m48.9s See the location
    19:20 43 35.6N 079 16.9W 42 00.4N 078 40.9W 42 47.8N 078 59.2W 1.052 46 226 179 03m45.9s See the location
    19:22 44 07.6N 077 52.5W 42 31.8N 077 20.8W 43 19.5N 077 37.0W 1.052 44 228 178 03m42.8s See the location
    19:24 44 39.3N 076 23.6W 43 02.9N 075 56.5W 43 50.9N 076 10.5W 1.052 43 230 177 03m39.6s See the location
    19:26 45 10.6N 074 49.6W 43 33.7N 074 27.6W 44 21.9N 074 39.1W 1.051 41 232 176 03m36.3s See the location
    19:28 45 41.4N 073 10.0W 44 04.0N 072 53.5W 44 52.4N 073 02.4W 1.051 40 234 175 03m32.8s See the location
    19:30 46 11.6N 071 24.2W 44 33.8N 071 13.8W 45 22.4N 071 19.7W 1.05 38 236 173 03m29.1s See the location
    19:32 46 41.1N 069 31.3W 45 03.0N 069 27.7W 45 51.8N 069 30.3W 1.05 37 238 172 03m25.2s See the location
    19:34 47 09.8N 067 30.4W 45 31.6N 067 34.4W 46 20.5N 067 33.4W 1.05 35 240 171 03m21.2s See the location
    19:36 47 37.5N 065 20.4W 45 59.3N 065 32.8W 46 48.2N 065 27.8W 1.049 33 242 170 03m17.0s See the location
    19:38 48 04.0N 062 59.9W 46 26.0N 063 21.8W 47 14.8N 063 12.1W 1.049 31 244 168 03m12.5s See the location
    19:40 48 29.1N 060 26.8W 46 51.5N 060 59.6W 47 40.1N 060 44.7W 1.048 29 247 167 03m07.7s See the location
    19:42 48 52.2N 057 38.5W 47 15.4N 058 24.0W 48 03.7N 058 03.1W 1.047 27 249 165 03m02.7s See the location
    19:44 49 13.0N 054 31.6W 47 37.4N 055 32.1W 48 25.1N 055 03.9W 1.047 25 252 163 02m57.2s See the location
    19:46 49 30.6N 051 00.3W 47 56.9N 052 19.4W 48 43.7N 051 42.4W 1.046 22 255 161 02m51.3s See the location
    19:48 49 43.5N 046 55.5W 48 12.7N 048 38.8W 48 58.2N 047 50.4W 1.045 20 259 159 02m44.8s See the location
    19:50 49 49.3N 041 59.5W 48 23.3N 044 17.7W 49 06.6N 043 13.1W 1.044 16 263 156 02m37.3s See the location
    19:52 49 41.3N 035 27.0W 48 24.7N 038 48.5W 49 03.9N 037 15.7W 1.043 12 268 153 02m28.2s See the location
    19:54 48 13.7N 019 29.4W 47 00.4N 020 04.6W 47 37.0N 019 47.2W 1.039 0 142 02m04.2s See the location